Bespoke / Private Classes


The Strangeness of Others – Janet Thompson and Tommy Dickinson

Bespoke group classes can be arranged with your specific needs in mind, with as many people as you require and in any venue that suits you.

If you are a professional company or a keen amateur society, get in touch and have a chat about what kind of thing you might be interested in.

The following are examples of workshops available. They generally work best on the basis of a class of between 10 – 20 students and although there is a suggested time-frame for each workshop, it can be broken up or re-formatted to fit into any timetable. The timings are fairly flexible and are dependent upon the detail required for each subject.

  • Putting On A Production (3 – 12 hours)

Considering all aspects of mounting a small-scale production in the professional theatre.

  • Acting Without Speaking (3 hours)

This workshop is designed to look at how effective “doing nothing” on stage can be. It is a common fault of many an inexperienced actor to imagine that people are only watching them if they are speaking, however, this is plainly not the case.

  • Creating A Character (3 – 12 hours)

Considering the sorts of things that might help when playing a part in theatre, film or television.

  • Soap Project (2 – 5 full days)

This is an improvised project, with everyone contributing to a final presentation, which can be presented live or on film.

  • Auditioning (various lengths)

Martin is available as a tutor to help class members improve their auditioning techniques or as an independent adjudicator for mock or actual auditions, when he can also give constructive feedback if required.

  • Creating Your Own One-Person Play (5 hours – several weeks)

Martin has run this course a number of times and some plays have gone on to receive full productions.

  • Introduction To Directing (3 – 5 hours)

Fairly self-explanatory, this workshop is great for both aspiring directors and actors keen to see things from ‘the other side’.

  • Stanislavsky – a ‘system of acting’ (10 to 30 hours)

A good introduction to Stanislavsky, who’s influence on most modern acting techniques cannot be denied.

  • Looking At Shakespeare And Restoration (3 – 4 hours)

Considering any similarites and differences and looking at various scripts.

  • Scriptwork (various lengths)

Studying specific scripts in depth. These can include any script produced by Rocket Theatre, as well as any of the following classic theatre and film scripts… Much Ado About Nothing (William Shakespeare), The Tempest (William Shakespeare), Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (William Shakespeare), Herons (Simon Stephens), Secrets and Lies (Mike Leigh), The Beau Stratagem (George Farquar), Look Back in Anger (John Osbourne), The Crucible (Arthur Miller), Brief Encounter (Noel Coward), Antigone (Sophocles), Hobson’s Choice (Harold Brighouse).

Martin is also available to direct both student and professional productions, in-between his other commitments. Please contact him on: 0151 637 1481.


Private one-to-one coaching for actors is available, although you are welcome to come along in pairs. Classes usually take place at Martin’s home/rehearsal space in Wallasey, although he can also come to you. Full details of what is on offer is available on the separate website: