Past Classes

This will give you some idea of the kind of thing we’ve covered in the past (and will probably cover again!):

  • ‘The Drama of Dickens’ – public performance
  • Studying the rehearsal process
  • Stage plays made into films – comparing and looking at scenes from these plays
  • ‘Scenes to make you smile’ – public performance
  • Voice work – relaxation, breathing, support and articulation
  • Acting in the Theatre – being big enough but still believable
  • Creating your own One Person Play – extracts performed as part of a local festival
  • Scriptwork – using theatre, television and film scripts
  • Stanislavsky – a ‘system’ of acting
  • Looking at plays from all periods – Greek, Shakespeare, Restoration, Classical, Contemporary
  • Alternative Christmas scenes – gritty festive offerings presented to family and friends
  • 10 minute plays – improvised and scripted
  • Theatre Shorts – various performances